Paper Bag

Paper Bag

Ready-made Bags

Bags that customers deliver to the printing house for additional printing or special techniques such as foil stamping, or Spot UV.

Paper Bags from Scratch

Bags that customers order from the start of production process. Right from the step of selecting their sizes, types of paper, special techniques, as well as the forming of the finished products.

Paper Bag

Specifications for the Printing House

Inform the bag style, customers can send over a file or basic illustration.

Size of bag to be produced (width x length x height)

Type of paper to be used for production, generally, it is common to produce with white card paper, art paper, kraft paper or a special type of paper.

Any special techniques needed, such as Spot UV in any specific areas or foil stamping, etc.

Choose the rope of the handle, such as a flat braided rope (herringbone rope), ribbed rope, or twisted rope and choose the color of the rope.

Production volumes, recommended at the minimum production of 300 pieces.

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