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Have you ever wondered why sometimes it takes less than 1 minute to choose food, but sometimes we can't decide, when we open the menu and turn the pages over for a long time? Or is it because of the design of the menu? It also affects our decisions. Why is that?

Why? Does it takes us less than 1 minute to choose our food.

The reason is because some restaurants use psychology in designing their menus, to help attract customers to order food faster, at a larger amount, and sometimes even convince customers to order dishes that we specify. Using many principles such as the use of colors, the placement of elements, the use of words, etc. Therefore, if any owners would like to create a menu with such features, try following these techniques.

1.Color can ‘express’ more than you think.

The color theory is important for restaurant owners, because colors influence people’s perception more than we think. For example, green conveys freshness, therefore, it should be used to accompany menus that stand out in terms of freshness and cleanliness. Orange stimulates appetite. Yellow color expresses happiness, therefore, attracts the eyes of customers very well. Red stimulates purchases, should be used with menus that we want to sell the most, etc.

2.The use of Golden Triangle Theory

This is not a name of a place, but it is a theory about composition called the ‘Golden Triangle’. Usually when we look at a food menu, the eyes are directed to the center area first. Then gradually moved to the top right, and finally stop at the top left. It forms an inverted triangle, so you should include a menu that stands out. grab customers’ attention around these 3 strategic points, which is guaranteed to be effective.

3.Use menu descriptions and terms to make them look exciting.

"Excellent dish", "Recommend dish", "Sour and satisfying", "A crisp that shakes the world". All these descriptions greatly stimulate customers' interest and desire to order food. Try thinking of a cool word. Then add it to the menu that you want to sell, but don't add too much, because customers may be confused. Select only the best menu is more than enough.

4.Place 2 delicious items at the top of the menu.

Have you ever looked at a menu for a long time, but went back and ordered the first two dishes at the top of the menu? This is considered to be the majority consumer behavior. As for the third position, the second most popular order is at the end of the menu. Therefore, if any dish is truly outstanding (and have a lot of profit), place those 3 plates in all 3 places without having to think too much.

Menu Paperyprint
Menu Paperyprint

5.Set attractive prices.

The technique for setting a price of 199, 259, or 299, is another method that many people are probably familiar with, because most restaurants (and other stores), and almost every store uses this technique. It makes customers feel that the price is not too expensive, (even if the difference is only 1 baht). Therefore, if you want to open a shop, don't forget to use this technique.

6.Keep it simple.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and encountered a thick menu with hundreds of dazzling items? Sounds like a good thing, consumers will have many choices, but actually this is not a very good method. The more there is to a menu, the more the customers get confused and even are unable to choose. Having to choose 1 food out of hundreds of things can be quite stressful, no matter who they are.

7.To become outstanding, you need a story.

Who knew the history of food has as much influence on buyers as taste (and price) because it makes customers feel that the food they consume is more valuable. The deeper and more heartfelt the story, the more "moved" people are. Let's take a simple example, if there were two apple pie shops close to each other, one restaurant uses the menu named "Apple Pie", the other uses the name “Grandma's Apple Pie”, which shop do you think customers are more likely to choose to walk into?

8.Plate decoration to add more value.

Decorating a plate isn't just about arranging food in style. It also includes adding, enhancing, and decorating that dish with a little premium grade ingredients, making the customer feel that the dish looks more valuable. For example, for ordinary salmon sushi, try topping it with some salmon roe, or cover it with a bit of gold, add just a tiny bit of raw material, it will surely make customers more impressed (plus the price can be raised higher as well).

9.Tell a little story about the dish.

Most menus have a little description of the ingredients, so customers can understand what ingredients are in the dish. Usually all menus are laid out in the same format. There is no particular menu that stands out. So try to choose 2-3 great menus and arrange them to stand out, a little different from the original format, along with adding a story about the menu. That dish will easily become the main menu that people order at almost every table.

Menu Paperyprint
Menu Paperyprint

10.Give more information to customers

This is a technique for restaurants that wants to sell wine, which has quite the competition, especially in the hi-end market, therefore, an important technique for persuading customers to choose the wines we want to sell is to provide as much information about the wine as possible. The more information we provide, the better, and the more likely customers are to choose the bottles of wine we offer.

11.Place a delicious menu in an open area.

Usually, when people use their eyes to read too much, they often turn to rest their eyes at an empty space that looks comfortable. Menu designers use this principle as an advantage, if the restaurant owner wants to sell a specific dish, the dish is usually placed in a relatively open area. Separated from the letter part, because it is a part where you can be sure that customers will definitely turn their eyes to rest and see this menu.

12.The materials used affects the restaurant’s image.

Have you ever noticed that most high-end restaurants use high-quality leather or cardboard to create their menus, because these materials also reflect the image of the restaurant. Make consumers feel that every dish must be of high quality according to the materials used to make it.

13.Include a section that explains the dish specifically.

Have you ever been to a restaurant with an unusual menu name, such as Crispy Chicken Marinated in Super Sauce or Pork Shaking the World? This is an interesting menu naming idea. Attracts more customers to order and try. But before a person orders, one may wonder: What do these menus look like? What are the ingredients and having the staff tell every table would be a waste of time. Therefore, it is necessary to add a little bit of menu description, so that customers know what they’re ordering. This will help make ordering decisions more quickly. Who knew that food menus could have such an influence on customers' orders? Well, now you know! Any restaurant owners who want to design a new menu or want to improve the existing menu?

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