A paper folder is used for holding A4 size paper. Made with durable paper, beautiful colors, create your own design that stands out. Suitable for using in meetings, store general documents, including distribution to important business partners.

There are many types of paper folders, such as A4 size paper folders, folders for patient documents (OPD files), or paper folders for storing catalogs and brochures. In addition to general paper folders, there is also a hard cover file, to help collect and preserve documents from any damage. The folder is made from a special type of cardboard. A hole is drilled into the spine of the loop, which can be opened and closed easily. It also increases durability, can bear the weight of large amounts of documents.


The folder size that is commonly produced is an A4 document file folder with 2 sided pockets, so that documents can be collected neatly. We can also die cut additional business card slots or produce them with special techniques, such as Spot UV at specific points on the folder or foil stamping to increase the premium quality.
The most popular paper for producing folders is art paper 250-350 gsm.

Specifications for the Printing House

Send the artwork or file format you want to produce.

Product size (finished size/unfolded size)

Select the paper/special techniques (if any)

Production volumes

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